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Treating PTSD: Maybe It's Time for Another Look at Our Options

"Figley thinks we should reevaluate medical marijuana for use in treating trauma like PTSD, especially in the face of veterans being overprescribed pharmaceuticals and psychotropic drugs, often very powerful ones, and sometimes several at a time, to treat the symptoms of PTSD. For the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), a quick prescription can be an easy answer to the onslaught of returning veterans suffering from PTSD. It moves vets through the system, but at a high cost to their overall health, and with a limited chance for real recovery, management and transition back into civilian life."

(TW) 40% of women with severe mental illness are victims of rape or attempted rape

"Senior author Louise Howard, Professor in Women’s Mental Health at King’s College London, says: ‘This study highlights that patients with severe mental illness are at substantially increased risk of being a victim of domestic and sexual violence. Despite the public’s concern about violence being perpetrated by patients with severe mental illness, the reality for patients is that they are at increased risk of being victims of some of the most damaging types of violence.’"

NFL Revises Penalties for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault - ACSWA

"Stung by public reaction to the National Football League’s coddling of admitted domestic abuser Ray Rice, a member of the Super Bowl champion Ravens, Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, today confessed that “I didn’t get it right” and decreed that he would inflict severe punishment on any NFL employee who engaged in domestic abuse. Under the new rules…”